Judge withholds Trump order aimed at halting funds to cities not cooperating on immigration

WASHINGTON, July 21 (APP): A federal judge in the US most populace
state of California has refused to undo a block that prevents the Trump administration from stopping funding to cities which refuse to cooperate with the federal government in enforcing strict immigration measures.
The order by the US District Judge William Orrick III in San Francisco
would further set back attempts by the federal government to penalize cities which have vowed to provide safe haven to undocumented immigrants facing deportation in the wake of the immigration policy being implemented by the Trump administration.
President Trump during the election campaign had vowed to expel all
undocumented aliens estimated at about 11 million. Since he took over in January, there has been a spike in deportations that include people even with minor traffic crimes as against the policy of the previous administration which was only targeting illegal aliens charged with crimes of serious nature.
Judge Orrick refused to remove block on the order by President Trump
that would have halted funds to the so-called “sanctuary cities”, a term given to those cities which said they would not cooperate with federal efforts to arrest and deport undocumented immigrants. The block on the order was imposed in April.
The federal government had sought removal of block, arguing that a memo released by the Justice Department in May narrowed the scope of the presidential order on the sanctuary cities and, therefore, there was no need of block on the executive order.
In that memo, issued by the Attorney General Jeff Sessions, it was
stated that the executive order to halt funding for defying cities will only apply to Justice Department and Homeland Security grants, and not on other federal funding.
Many mayors of cities across the United States had expressed fear that
Trump’s executive order will be used loosely by the administration to reduce or remove federal funding from cities that did not comply with federal immigration laws.
Putting a block on the Trump administration’s efforts to withhold
funding for the so-called sanctuary cities, Judge Orrick had written that the Constitution vests the spending power in Congress and not in President and so the President cannot constitutionally place new conditions on federal funds.