Journey to progress will continue under PML-N govt: Pervaiz Rashid

Petition filed by PTI in Supreme Court has no new allegation

ISLAMABAD July 29 (APP): Minister for Information, Broadcasting and National Heritage on Friday said the people are not in a mood of early elections as they desire that the journey of progress under Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz government should continue till the completion of its tenure.

“I do not think that people desire an early election because
they are satisfied with the pace of development in the country.

Even no political party including Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf has demanded pre-mature elections,” he said in an interview with a private news channel.

The minister said the government is not afraid of any kind
of protest or street agitation, the parties planning agitation
have experienced it before. “It would be nothing more than
disrupting the development process. Rather they are feared that if this journey continues, they will even get nothing in 2018 elections.”

He dispelled the impression of any difference between the
civil and military leadership and said, those talking of a gulf
between the two want to misguide people and defame the
constitutional institutions. “Recently both the civil and military
leadership met at National Security Council meeting where I was also present. I can say with confidence, there was not even a glimpse of any differences. Both the sides shared their input and decisions were made unanimously.”

On operation Zarb-e-Azb, Pervaiz Rashid said every Pakistani
owns this operation and our forces have achieved remarkable successes in this operation. “Not only the Pakistani nation, but neighboring countries and the whole world have acknowledged our success in this operation.”

He said after years Pakistani nation has taken a sigh of
relief and except scattered incidents like the one in Karachi
couple of days, by an enemy who is on the run, overall situation is in our control.

“Those martyred in Karachi incident are our brothers and
sons and we respect them. Their killers are our enemy and we shall chase them to every nook and cranny and bring them to justice,” he added.

The minister said the whole nation is standing by our
armed forces and the government will provide them all out legal and material support in their fight against terrorism.

Answering a question about Rangers powers in Sindh province, he said, there is new leadership in the province and we shall wait for its decisions. “Peace in Karachi is dear to all. ”

The minister said decision on Karachi operation was
unanimously made by all political parties because it was the
question of human lives and economic growth in the country.

He said provinces are getting their due share in revenues
under the NFC award rather this share is increasing with the
increase in revenue collection. “They are even getting more share than the federal government. As far as new NFC was concerned, the Finance Ministry is already working on it and it will be constituted on an appropriate time.”

About national census, he said, “We are cognizant of our
responsibility. Hopefully this census would also be conducted by the PML-N government like the previous one in 1998.”

He said whether it is census or local government elections,
water distribution accord or NFC Award, all was done during the PML-N governments led by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

The minister said the credit to win AJK elections goes to
policies of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif because the Kashmiri
people had seen the pace of development in Pakistani cities.

“We had taken there a legacy of development, improvement in infrastructure and successes against terrorism.”

He said, “unfortunately our rivals PPP and PTI took along
them the legacy of poor performance and politics of baseless
allegations. So, people of Kashmir decided in favor of progress and reposed confidence in masses welfare oriented policies of Nawaz Sharif.”

He said Kashmiri people have joined hands with a party that
believes in economic growth and providing employment and basic amenities to masses at their doorstep.

Talking about Pakistan’s stance on struggle of Kashmiri
people in occupied Kashmir, he said, there is continuity in Prime Minister’s stance on Kashmir whether it is meeting with Indian Prime Minister Atal Biharee Vajpaye on the global leaders.

“It was Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif who forced Vajpaye to acknowledge Kashmir as a disputed territory.”

He said Pakistan always desired to sort out disputes with
India through negotiations. But, it was India who tried to crush the just struggle of Kashmiri people. “Their uprising has once again jolted the international conscience. Time has come that world powers persuade India to respect Kashmiris right to self- determination.”

On the issue of ToR on Panama papers, the minister said, “Our ToR are very clear and those criticizing it should tell which crime our ToRs protects.”

He said that PTI, the one man party with its ally wants to
keep alive its politics on Panama issue after failure in bringing
about positive changes in KPK.

“How can anyone demand to target one person in the name of accountability.

If it is matter of accountability, then it will be for everyone. We cannot make any pick and choose. And if they
desire accountability through masses, they should have to wait till 2018 general election,” he said.

He said the government had faced such movement in the past also and is not afraid of it. It is nothing more than disrupting economic growth and delaying development projects.

“We have a clear view point that if they have objection on our ToR, present both the documents to the Parliament for discussion. We are flexible, we desire a solution and have also asked the Speaker to convene the meeting afresh.”

He said the government wants to take this issue to its
ultimate end despite that the Prime Minister’s name is not included in Panama papers and even if his sons are running business abroad, it is legal.

He challenged the opposition to get audited any project of
Nawaz Sharif’s tenure if they smell any corruption.

“Tales are tales, they have nothing to do with reality. Even Imran Khan could never name any project wherein any corruption was proved.”

He said PPP has its own democratic credentials and will
respect the spirit of Charter of Democracy wherein both PML-N and PPP had agreed not to derail democracy.