Joshi Festival ‘Kalash Valley’ to start from May 12


ISLAMABAD, May 2 (APP):The 6-day Joshi Festival would be starting from May 12 to 17 at Kalash Valley near Chitral this famous festival anually attracted a large number of tourists from across the country.
According to the organizer of the festival the package cost of each person 21,500 per person on tripple sharing tents duration of the festival four nights and five days he added.
He said May 9 would be the last date for registration as final confirmation will be on first come first serve basis.
He said festival gives an excellent opportunity for far away people to celebrate which gives a message of peace to the world.
During this festival the Kalashi people pray for the safeguard of their fields and animals by distributing milk among loved ones he added.
He said people of Kalash love music and dance on beat of drums. Both men and women partake in dancing festivities, where they make circles and enjoy the sound of music.
Kalash is famous for the music and dance festivals, and the people are known for their relaxed and loving life approach, in fact Kalashi’s is doing not even mourn on deaths.
One of the most famous festivals celebrated in Kalash is the Chilam Joshi festival during the month of May.