JIT put pressure on Tariq Shafi, asked him to take back affidavit

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ISLAMABAD, May 29 (APP): Leader of Pakistan Muslim League (N) Daniyal Aziz Monday said the lawyer of Sharif family told Supreme Court that Tariq Shafi, was threatened and asked to take back sworn affidavit given in the Panama Papers case.
Speaking to mediamen here, Daniyal said Sharif family’s lawyer Khawaja Haris told the court that one member Bilal Rasool, who belonged to Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) and his family members had deep connections with Pakistan Tehreek i Insaf (PTI) and Pakistan Muslim League (Q).
The social media accounts of Bilal Rasool and his wife showed their attitude against the Sharif family, he added.
On the day of issuance of notification for JIT, they deleted posts from their social media accounts, he added.
He said it was the responsibility of the investigator that he should bring all facts before the court.
Daniyal said Amir Aziz, who was made member of the JIT, was not even an employee of the State Bank and had remained associated with National Accountability Bureau (NAB) and fervently held investigation into a case against Sharif family.
There were legal precedents that somebody whose impartiality was in doubt, was stopped from conducting investigations into the cases, he added.
Daniyal said Tariq Shafi went before the JIT but its members objected to his appearance and put pressure on him.
Tariq Shafi was continuously called a liar and was asked to take back his affidavit and threatened with dire consequences, he added.
Daniyal said, “We asked the court to appoint impartial persons as members of the JIT.”
He said the Supreme Court judges stated that nothing would be done beyond the law.
Daniyal said according to police, efforts were made to arrest Imran Khan as he was not appearing in the courts.
He said Imran Khan should be arrested as he was a proclaimed offender and dozens of cases were pending against him.
He said Imran Khan was making a mockery of national institutions.
PMLN leader Mohsin Ranjha said members of Joint Investigation Team (JIT) insulted Tariq Shafi and he was denied the right to a fair trial.
He said Supreme Court said JIT should work according to law and should not put pressure on the person who would appear before it.