JIT over steps from its mandate during investigation: Mohsin

ISLAMABAD, July 18 (APP): Parliamentary Secretary for
Information, Broadcasting and National Heritage, Mohsin Shahnawaz
Ranjha Tuesday said Joint Investigation Team (JIT) had over stepped
from its mandate given by apex court.
Talking to media outside Supreme Court, he said the apex court
had raised 13 questions regarding Panama papers case but JIT
included more questions by itself.
He said private firms hired during investigation had no legal
status. A JIT member awarded contract to his cousin and benefitted
him, he added.
Mohsin said the JIT was not entitled to suggest actions under
this report as it was the mandate of SC.
The cases about Hudaibiya paper mills had been closed in the
past but they are also re-opened now, he added.
He said democracy should be strengthened in Pakistan for
prosperity of the country.