JIT admits failure to submit complete inquiry report: Daniyal

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ISLAMABAD, July 11 (APP): PML-N Member of the National Assembly
Daniyal Aziz Tuesday said the joint investigation team (JIT) had
admitted its failure in submitting a complete inquiry report in the
Panama Papers case.
Talking to the media persons here, he said the JIT had virtually
trespassed its mandate by narrating a fairy-tale based on different contradictory statements and stories.
He said the report could not be termed complete as the JIT itself
had admitted the same that the 10th volume was ‘ongoing’. The report
could have been submitted after 10 to 20 days.
He said the 10th volume had been leaked deliberately despite the
JIT’s request to the apex court not to make it public and the government
was being held responsible for it instead of the JIT.
Daniyal said the JIT had consumed first five volumes of report
to nullify the Qatri prince’s letter without recording his statement.
“Why was Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan not
being tried despite being declared an absconder?”
He recalled that 52 fabricated cases had been framed against
Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif in the past, but nothing was
proved against him.