Jeep, car production up 5% in 10 months


ISLAMABAD, Jun 23 (APP): The production of jeeps and cars
witnessed increase of 5 percent during the first ten months of the
current fiscal year (201-17) compared to the corresponding period of
last year.
As many as 160,650 units of jeeps and cars were manufactured
during July-April (2016-17) compared to the production of 159,202
units during July-April (2015-16), according to the data of Pakistan
Bureau of Statistics (PBS).
The production of motorcycles during the period increased by
21.20 percent by going up from 1,698,410 units last year to
2,055,542 during the ongoing fiscal year.
As many as 961 buses and 6,235 trucks were manufactured during
the first ten months of the current year compared to the production
of 866 buses and 4,478 trucks last year, showing an increase of
10.97 percent and 39.24 percent respectively.
The production of tractors also increased by 66.46 percent by
growing from 26,615 units last year to 44,303 units during the
ongoing year.
However, the production of light commercial vehicles (LCVs)
witnessed decrease of 34.77 percent by declining from 31,516 units
last year to 20,559 during the current year.
Meanwhile, on year-on-year basis, the production of cars and
jeeps increased by 7.78 percent by going up from the production of
15,514 units during April 2016 to the output of 16,721 units this
As many as 212,442 motorcycles were manufactured during April
2017, compared to the production of 181,225 units during April 2016,
showing an increase of 17.22 percent while the production of trucks
increased by 38.66 percent by increasing from 538 units to 746
The production of tractors also increased by 36.21 percent by
growing from 4,673 units to 6,365 units.
However, the production of LCVs and buses witnessed decrease
of 9.37 percent and 43.33 percent respectively.
The LCVs production decreased from 1,989 units to 1,922 units
while the production of buses decreased from 120 units to 65 units.
It is pertinent to mention here that the country’s overall
large scale manufacturing (LSM) sector has witnessed growth of 5.58
percent during first 10 month of current fiscal year.
The highest growth of 4.4 percent was witnessed in the indices
monitored by ministry of industries followed by Provincial Bureaus
of Statistics (PBOS) with 1.08 percent and the indices of Oil
Companies Advisory Committee (OCAC) with 0.10 percent.
On Year-on-Year basis, the industrial growth increased by 9.72
percent during April 2017 as compared to April 2016, however, on
monthly basis, the industrial output decreased by 17.88 per cent
during the corresponding month as compared to March 2017.