Japanese Photos exhibition inaugurated at PNCA

APP73-08 ISLAMABAD: November 08 – Takashi Kurai, Ambassador of Japan to Pakistan inaugurating photo panel’s exhibition “Tohoku-Through the Eyes of Japanese Photographers” organized by Embassy of Japan and The Japan Foundation in collaboration with Pakistan National Council of the Arts at the National Art Gallery. APP photo by Irshad Sheikh

ISLAMABAD, Nov 8 (APP):: Â Japan Foundation in collaboration with the Embassy of Japan and Pakistan National Council of the Arts Wednesday showcased an eye-catching photo exhibition, titled “Tohoku-Through the Eyes of Japanese Photographers” here at the premises of the National Art Gallery.
Ambassador of Japan to Pakistan, Mr. Takashi Kurai inaugurated the exhibition that consists of 123 photographs and is composed of the work of nine individual photographers and one photographer’s group. The exhibition will remain open for public viewing till 6th of December.
Speaking on the occasion, Ambassador Takashi Kurai said Ambassador said this exhibition aims to depict how the Tohoku region developed prior to the earthquake and how culture and heritage had been handed down, protected and nourished in Tohoku despite of the natural disasters and hardships it has suffered.
The exhibition aims to show the natural and cultural environment of the Tohoku region and its people, said Ambassador Kurai.
Ambassador Kurai highly appreciated Kotaro Iizawa, the curator of this exhibition, and nine photographers and the photographer’s group for illuminating Tohoku from a variety of viewpoints.
He also thanked the Director General PNCA Syed Jamal Shah for his cooperation regarding the exhibition.
“This year marks the 65th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Japan and Pakistan and the Embassy of Japan has always strived to share Japanese culture with Pakistani people, in hopes to bring the two nations and its people closer and strengthen our friendship”, said Ambassador Kurai.
The purpose of showcasing this photo exhibition is not to document the damage, destruction or restoration of Tohoku region caused by the 2011 earthquake; rather it aims to depict and enhance the understanding of culture, climate, and life in Tohoku to the people of the world.
Tohoku is a region located in the northeastern part of Japan’s Honshu Island, including Aomori, Akita, Iwate, Yamagata, Miyagi and Fukushima prefectures. This region suffered great damage in the Great East Japan Earthquake of March 2011, though many areas have made great progress in reconstruction. All the photographs displayed in the exhibition are curated by Kotaro Iizawa who is recognized as the leading expert of photography critics in Japan.
Twenty-seven pictures of Pakistan captured by Ms. Ono Kaori, a Japanese amateur photographer, titled “Click Pakistan” have also been put on display in the exhibition whereas twenty two photographs of Japan taken by twelve amateur Pakistani photographers titled “Click Japan” are also part of this exhibition.