Jansher greets Air Chief Marshal Mujahid Anwar on his election as President PSF

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PESHAWAR, Aug 05 (APP):Squash wizard and former World
Champion Jansher Sunday extended his congratulations to the newly elected
president of Pakistan Squash Federation Air Chief Marshal Mujahid Anwar Khan,
Chief of the Air Staff Pakistan Air Force.
Talking to APP, Jansher Khan said: “I am happy with the
fact that PSF President is an athlete in the past and familiar with playing
squash.” He knows much about squash of being playing squash on regular basis,”
he added.
“Certainly with his election it would help in promoting
squash and Pakistan would be able to regain its lost glory,” Jansher said. It
is a very good omen for the game of squash as people who have affinity have
positive impact on sports they are heading, he remarked.
Jansher expressed the hope that with the patronage of new
PSF president there would put good impact on Pakistan Squash and Pakistan
Squash will gain their lost glory in the world once again. Jansher Khan also
commended efforts of Senior Vice President (SVP) and Pakistan Squash Federation
(PSF) of resuming record 19 senior international tournaments in 2018 in the
country once again.
Jansher Khan further added that PSF should reassure holding
of junior international tournaments along with senior international tournaments
by resuming junior international squash in the country will automatically lead
towards flourishing Pakistan Squash in a better direction and new talent will
also be exposed.
The record holder of World Pen individual tournament Jansher
Khan suggested that if more attention is paid on grass root level, it will
flourish game in the country. World Champion Jansher also suggested that
Pakistan Squash Federation should pay more attention on junior national
academies as compared to senior academies, investing on junior players can
prove productive for Pakistan Squash Federation.
Leading the World of Squash for 10 years Jansher Khan
said that if the players work hard than we can regain our lost prestige and for
this purpose squash federation should pay special attention on the physical
training of junior players.
Four times Super Series record holder Jansher Khan
further added that it is quite mournful and disappointing to see the poor
condition of squash in Pakistan, a country which ruled the world of Squash for
40 years. There was a time that a country like India which could not be seen in
top fifty teams during our flourishing times and currently it is quite
disappointing to learn that Indian players have proved their worth among top
fifteen players while our players have not shown any progress and their
performances are going down day by day.
No Pakistani at the moment is in top eighty working
ranking. Nevertheless, the facilities provided to the players by the Pakistan
Squash on the special directions of president (PSF) are matchless as compared
to our times. There were no such facilities provided to us at that time.
Ex-World Squash Champion said that PSF must adopt
toughest measures for resuming Pakistan Squash in the whole world and for that
purpose there should be pertinent planning to be envisaged otherwise the game
of squash will be completely annihilated from the country. On the other hand,
Jansher Khan said in case of holding any international tournament in India,
Indian High Commission are not issuing visas by using delaying tactics are
insult of our players which is against the laws of international sports policy.
There should not only a protest on the part of government
rather Pakistan Squash Federation (PSF), Pakistan Sports Board (PSB), and
Pakistan Olympic Association (POA) should also raise the issue before
international governing body of squash, Professional Squash Association (PSA),
World Squash Federation (WSF), and Asian Squash Federation (ASF) so that no one
should dare insult of our players, he further added.
He said few months ago Pakistan hosted the international
squash tournament and had not only issued visas to Indian players generously
but also welcomed them whole heartedly by providing all sorts of facilities to
them. He said that sports provide an opportunity nurturing productive
activities and friendly relation among the nations but unfortunately India does
not believe in it.
Jansher Khan also paid glowing tribute to Pakistan armed
forces, police and people from the civil society who gave matchless sacrifices
for attaining peace. “Before me it was thirty years and then for ten years I
kept hoisted the national flag in every corner of the world,” he said, adding “Pakistan
armed forces have an important role on border as well as in sports and we are
proud of it and I feel myself quite lucky to be the part of it.”