Special prayers held for health of Prime Minister

ISLAMABAD, May 27 (APP): Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has said it is our national responsibility to have full preparedness to protect Pakistan from external threats so that no one could dare to look towards it with bad intention.

“Pakistan’s atomic programme was developed to make country’s defence impregnable. It is a guarantee to peace in South Asia. This programme created balance of power, which was necessary to make this region safe,” the Prime Minister said in his message on the occasion of Youm e Takbeer, being celebrated throughout the country on May 28 (Saturday).

The Prime Minister while congratulating the nation on the
historic event of May 28, when a matching response was given to Indian nuclear tests, said that this day would always be remembered an important milestone in the history of Pakistan like the Day of Independence.

He said on May 28, 1998 Pakistan became the first Muslim
nuclear state and added that the Youm e Takbeer was indeed a day of pride for the Pakistani nation and the Muslims all over the globe.

The credit for making the country’s defence impregnable
during 1998, went to the Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML N) government, laying strong foundations for a stable and prosperous Pakistan.

The Prime Minister said the countries of South Asia came out
of instability due to Pakistan’s nuclear programme.

He said Pakistan believed in peace and our nuclear programme was a symbol of Pakistan’s strong defence besides it was a proclamation of courage, steadfastness and bravery of this nation.

“Our nuclear programme depicts the ability of Pakistan nation that they have the ability to face all challenges,” he added.

He said Operation Zarb e Azb was the continuation of this
pledge to make Pakistan’s defence impregnable. Our defence forces stand like a rock before external threats while they were also countering all those elements who wanted to destabilize Pakistan, the Prime Minister said.

Presently, Pakistan is tackling the serious challenges
of terrorism, extremism and sectarianism and foiling the enemies’ designs that are aimed at destabilizing the country.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said the entire nation was united
on the issue of terrorism and the ongoing operations against terrorists were getting unprecedented successes.

He said all out efforts were being made to strengthen Pakistan economically and expressed the hope that the nation would also prove its ability in this field as they did in the defence field.

The Prime Minister said the government was committed to make Pakistan economic power.

He said various projects had been initiated
under China Pakistan Economic Corridor project which would be a game changer and would be another feather in the present government’s cap because strong and sound economy was prerequisite for invincible defence.