Islamophobic feelings, policies, hate speeches fueling terrorism across the globe


ISLAMABAD, Feb 16 (APP): Pakistan appreciated the statement of the UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres after meeting with Saudi King Salman said Islamophobic feelings, policies and hate speeches were fueling terrorism across the globe.
“We could not agree more with the statement of the UN Secretary General regarding Islamophobia and related tendencies including hate speech, which fuel terrorism and extremism around the world,” spokesperson of foreign office Nafees Zakaria Thursday in the weekly media briefing said.
Pakistan had been at the forefront of global advocacy against Islamophobia and defamation of religions at international forums, including the UN and the OIC, he said.
“We have been calling for enhanced understanding and dialogue between cultures, religions and civilizations for promoting world peace and development. These efforts are essential for a comprehensive approach against terrorism and extremism,” he added.