Int’l institutions acknowledging Pak progress in every field: Fatemi


ISLAMABAD, Feb 3 (APP): The Special Assistant to the
Prime Minister (SAPM) on Foreign Affairs, Syed Tariq Fatemi
Friday said that international institutions including Wall Street Journal were acknowledging Pakistan’s progress in every sector including economic and security fronts.
Talking to a news channel, he said that Pakistan like
any sovereign country had to prioritize its challenges as no country can take up all issues simultaneously. Categorically rejecting the impression that Pakistan imposed restrictions on the Chief of Jamaatul Dawa due to some external pressure, he asserted that Pakistan is a sovereign country and was independent to make decisions according to its priorities.
The world scenario had changed after 9/11
incidents, he observed. He said that present government after coming into power had given top priority to eliminate terrorism.
Counting the achievements of the government in
war against terrorism, Fatemi in response to another question said the present government worked hard to achieve unanimity of opinion and consensus among national institutions and political leadership on National Action Plan (NAP) and operation Zarb e Azb.
He said that terrorism had been controlled through operation
Zarb e Azb and international community was acknowledging the efforts
of Pakistan.
Responding to a question about India’s allegations about the involvement of Hafiz Saeed in Pathankot terrorists attack, he said that Pakistan is a sovereign state and its courts are working independently. The prime minister wanted to promote good relations with
neighboring countries including India, but it was only possible if India reciprocates the same.
He said that Pakistan or any government functionary was not
involved in the Pathankot incident. We had been asking India to share information and adequate evidence of Hafiz Saeed’s involvement in Pathankot terrorist attack. But, the evidence given by India was not appropriate enough to stand in our courts.
To a question about Pakistan’s response to the executive
order of the US President Trump, he said that Pakistan has conveyed to the new administration in Washington through the diplomatic channels, that in the backdrop of the state of flux in global geo political environment and growing turmoil in parts of the world, America need to pursue policies that promote harmony, inclusiveness and cooperation. In the present scenario, approaches that divide the world on religious, ethnic and racial lines should be eschewed and would be counterproductive in promoting extremism.
He said that the policies of President Trump are being
opposed within America and civil society, institutions and politicians were expressing grave concern on the present situation.