Int’l flags hoisting marks formal commencement of AMAN 17

Int'l flags hoisting marks formal commencement of AMAN 17

KARACHI, Feb 10 (APP): Multinational Exercise AMAN 17 formally commenced here on Friday at Pakistan Navy Dockyard, under the aegis of Pakistan Navy with a colorful flag hoisting ceremony with Navy band playing national songs.
Ships of the participating Navies, observers, foreign diplomats and a large number of Pakistan Navy officers and men attended the event.
Speaking on the occasion, Commander Pakistan Fleet Vice Admiral Arifullah Hussaini said ‘we are here for a common purpose, for a common goal to ensure security, to make this world safe for us, for rest of the humanity so that there is a peace which brings prosperity
and progress that is what our constitution mandates us to do. We believe in inclusive policy and we think that if the world stands together, there will be great benefits for all of us.’
He said that the region is experiencing swift Geo strategic changes, which has provided Pakistan with diversified challenges but also many opportunities that mandate a secure environment not only within Pakistan but also in the region at large.
The Admiral reiterated that Pakistan Navy has always been a consistent security contributor in Indian Ocean Region. Being a lead nation, Pakistan’s Maritime forces are actively participating with other navies in combating Narco trade, human smuggling, gun running,
terrorism and piracy at high sea. We need to make collective efforts to eliminate these threats for lasting peace in the region, he added.
The importance of this collaboration will enhance with the complete operationalization of CPEC and Gwadar Port; meant to bring in prosperity not only to Pakistan but the region and beyond, he said adding added that multinational exercise AMAN 17 is an effort which
will surely improve response, tactics and procedures among various maritime forces operating in the region. The concept of exercise is to promote understanding which will be developed through formal and informal interactions. The exercise is expected to further refine the concept of ‘collective and collaborative’ security among the participants. Pakistan in general and Pakistan Navy in particular takes immense pride in leading these efforts.
The Commander Pakistan Fleet extended warm welcome to the participating Navies and hoped that their presence/togetherness will forge a cooperation, yet brotherhood which will prevent conflicts and should there be one, we will quickly resolve it to establish and
maintain lasting peace. He also valued participating nations for supporting Pakistan’s resolve for ensuring peace in the region.
AMAN 17 is a multinational naval exercise conducted biennially by Pakistan Navy since 2007. The exercise is based on Pakistan Navy lead initiative to bring in various navies under one umbrella. The current exercise is 5th in the series. The exercise has a growing number of
participants. This year 36 nations are participating through ships, aircraft, Special Operating Forces, Observers and speakers. One of the key features, other than sea exercise, is international maritime conference spread over three days, being organized by National
Maritime Policy Research Centre.