Int’l expo Emerging Pakistan to start on Nov.9


KARACHI, Nov 03 (APP):A 4-day international exhibition titled ” Emerging Pakistan ” with 186 stalls will be held at Karachi Expo Centre from November 9 and 900 delegates from 85 countries are expected along with a large number of local visitors.
The most foreign delegates confirming their attendance belonged to textile and food sectors, informed Federal Secretary Commerce Muhammad Younas Dagha, briefing the media on Friday about this international event being organized by his ministry.
He said focus of the exhibition would be to highlight good things of Pakistan to build its very positive image before the world. Movies would be screened to highlight industry, tourism and culture along with picturesque landscapes and landmarks of the country. Also there would be a fashion showcase and musical concert by icons of the respective industries.
” Only purpose of Emerging Pakistan expo is branding Pakistan by projecting good things,” he re-affirmed adding that a sustained and joint campaign was needed to achieve this goal.
After restoration of peace and security in the country, the Secretary emphasized, it was very much necessary to market Pakistan’s economic potential and other positive things in the world. This would help boost the country’s trade and attract foreign investment to different social and economic sectors.
He urged the media to play its important role to further this national mission.
“Irrespective of like or dislike, the entire media should support the government’s efforts for the good of the country and the nation,” he said adding that every citizen would have to contribute taking it as the national task. People representing different sectors should highlight their achievements and future positive initiatives.
He acknowledged that social media was supporting this campaign ”
Emerging Pakistan”.
The Secretary assured that fool-proof security arrangements would
be made on this occasion.
He said this campaign would be extended to the capitals of different countries. Like Malaysia and Tunisia, Pakistan would be marketed through various innovative tools including placing brochure and playing videos in the flights.
He noted that China Pakistan Economic Corridor had also helped in building Pakistan’s soft image and in projecting it as a potential economy. Now many countries were taking interest in Pakistan, he said.
He expressed his satisfaction that over last four months the exports of the country had increased up to 12 percent.
He said the trade deficit issue would also be overcome soon.