Interior Ministry responds to criticism on re-inquiry of Khanani & Kalia case



ISLAMABAD, Apr 17 (APP): Spokesperson of the Interior Ministry
on Monday said that it is quite unfortunate that some circles
continue indulging themselves in unnecessary criticism and finding
faults in every effort initiated in the national interest and with
all good intentions.
Case in point, the spokesperson said, is re-inquiry of Khanani
& Kalia case.
Responding to a comment about Khanani & Kalia case, the
Spokesperson in a statement said that during his press conference
the Interior Minister had presented some facts regarding Khanani &
Kalia case.
He said ignoring the whole statement of the Interior Minister
and just focusing on few words and then asserting that the Interior
Minister instead of presenting new facts should do something
tantamounts to willfully ignoring ground realities of the case.
Such circles should go through on-ground facts so that they
have at least some idea of the on ground situation. As pointed out
by the Interior Minister during his press conference, Khanani &
Kalia case is ten years old case. Neglect by the past rulers,
willful weak inquiry and prosecution and destruction of record
resulted in acquittal in the case, he noted.
He said the then government did not bother to pursue the case
any further.
The case came to notice of the Interior Minister only when one
of the owners of Khanani & Kalia exchange company were convicted in
It should be kept in mind that the issue of double jeopardy
obstructed revival of the matter.
He said secondly when the entire record especially the digital
record including relevant computers, servers and other equipment was
handed back to the same company who was facing these charges then
understandably the space to revive the case and dig out facts is
shrinked to a great extent.
Besides all these hurdles, he said a sincere effort has been
made after various legal consultations to re-initiate the inquiry
with a new dimension and angle. Since all financial transactions
involved foreign countries therefore assistance has been sought from
UK, US and UAE.
The main company involved in major transactions namely Al-
Zarooni is based in UAE.
In view of the above, he said it is imperative to clarify that
reviving a case where evidences have been destroyed or removed and
those who were actively involved into it have been retired is a
difficult task.
But since the case involves transactions worth billions of
rupees, therefore a sincere effort is being made to revive the case.
“Those who are into raising doubts and are involved in
unnecessary criticism are requested to guide and assist us so that
the issue could be taken to its logical and just conclusion as per
the law,” he added.