Ahsan for collective approach to prevent youth from indulging in terrorism

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KARACHI, Sept 12 (APP): Minister for Interior Ahsan Iqbal Tuesday sought close coordination among media, educational institutions, government and parents to thwart the risks the youth were exposed to in the ongoing war against terrorism.
Talking to media persons after his visit to the Pakistan Coast
Guards’ headquarters here, he said unknown organisations like Ansar-ul-Shariah were silently attempting to attract unassuming
An efficient and collective approach was needed to prevent the
youth from indulding in terrorsit activities, he said, emphasizing that
the government was fully committed to eliminate the threats the
youngsters were faced with.
Mentioning that most of the members of Ansar-ul-Shariah had
been nabbed, he said it was almost unknown till its involvement
in an attack on a senior leader of Muttahida Qaumi Movement-Pakistan
(MQM-P) was established.
The interior minister said the group had almost been eliminated
as the law enforcing agencies in Karachi had brought its members
to task in the possible minimum time.
Replying to a question, he said ever expanding Karachi, which
had a peculiar dynamics, needed special approach to contain the
juxtaposed menace of crime and terrorism.
Agreeing that terrorists were trying to lure the youth through
social media, the minister said it was a challenge of a modern day
and all the stakeholders would have play their role to overcome it.
He urged the media to realize its responsibilities in grooming the
youth in the right earnest. The Higher Education Commission (HEC), he
said, had also been approached to ensure that students might not
be trapped by elements promoting terrorism and militancy.