Intelligence sharing with UK will help Pakistan to overcome terror


ISLAMABAD, Mar 27 (APP): Need for enhancing framework of intelligence sharing on all security related issues with the United Kingdom, thus augmenting the efforts of UK encountering terrorism was highlighted by Ambassador Jamil Ahmed Khan.
Pakistan always maintained its cordial relations with UK. With more than 2% UK nationals tracing their roots to Pakistan, the two nations share unique ties, he said in a talk show at a TV channel.
Pakistan, he said, has an old ally in UK and it is the need of the hour that they join hands in curbing terrorism in Pakistan by harnessing diplomatic efforts to eliminate the proxy war its neighbors indulged in.
The Ambassador did not hesitate in pointing the finger at India, whereby TTP, Jamatul Ahrar and ISIS were covertly being supported by Research And Development Wing (RAW).
The 21st century underhand mechanisms at the state level would not serve the purpose to anyone rather it would propel terrorism in the region, Mr. Khan stressed.
Answering a question of extradition of Altaf Hussain, he
commented that the Red Notice issued may not be materialized due to Interpol constitution, Article no. 3.
The Ambassador concluded that UK has very structured legal system which is hard to be bypassed through a political or diplomatic mechanism.