ISLAMABAD May 27 (APP): Denmark Charge d’ Affaires Ms. Helle Nielsen has said that her country is known to be one of the world’s most innovative countries and ‘Innovative Denmark’ has been organized to showcase it and celebrate strong partnership between Denmark and Pakistan.

Speaking at the an event – Innovative Denmark – at embassy premises here late Thursday, she said it was to showcase the many Danish innovative solutions and contributions to the world.

The event depicted many innovative solutions, which Denmark is globally recognized for within areas such as green growth, development, peace and stabilization, ‘smart-city’ planning including live-able cities, said an embassy statement here Friday.

Many local partners of the Danish development cooperation (DANIDA) also showcased their work and contribution in Pakistan, which primarily focused on promoting gender equality, democracy, human rights and art & culture.

Many of the Danish companies operating in Pakistan were also present to present their contribution in Pakistan by showcasing innovative solutions in wind energy, water management, healthcare and textile.

The event was attended by a large crowd consisting of several hundred of people, who in addition to the learning about the many areas of Danish expertise, also enjoyed traditional Danish food prepared by the Embassy.

The music performance was given by the Danish folk music duo, Elof & Wamberg, who specially came from Denmark to perform at the event.

The duo mesmerized the audience with their performances on the ‘ukulele’ and contrabass, which created a harmonious Nordic sound, that is characterized by a dynamic expertise.

The duo has played over 100 concerts, amongst others at international festivals in England, Czech Republic, Estonia and Sweden. This was their first performance in Pakistan, it said.