ISLAMABAD, Jul 27 (APP): Member of the House Commission from Indonesia Tjatur Sapto Edy on Wednesday urged Parliamentarians of Asian Parliamentary Assembly (APA) member countries to proactively engage in addressing the common challenges on economic and sustainable development.

Speaking at APA meeting here, he said that the world is
currently at a critical juncture, when nations are confronted with multitude challenges, among others economic slowdown, poverty eradication, issues of humanity of our common concerns, energy shortage and the adverse impact of climate change.

“We acknowledge that poverty continues to be the biggest
challenge of the time” he added.

He said the efforts to eradicate poverty should be holistic
and integrated into the national strategy, and calls for local,
national, regional as well as global participation.

As global economic demand for energy in Asia increase
significantly and is expected to be doubled by 2030, he said,”we must address the problem of energy security by taking short and medium term actions”.