Indian troops’ provocation brings disgrace to themselves: Global Times


BEIJING, June 29 (APP): Chinese and Indian soldiers are locked in a
face-off at the Sikkim section of the China-India border after Indian troops crossed the
boundary and entered Chinese territory.
Responding to India’s accusation that Chinese soldiers made an incursion
into the Indian side to do construction work, the usually low-profile Chinese authorities
criticized the Indian side for violating the consensus on border issues and agreements
between the two governments, seriously endangering peace along the border areas,
said an article published in Global Times here on Thursday.
The Indian government made no objection to the Sikkim section of the
China-India border. Allegations of intrusions along the western section of the China-India
border often emerge, but face-offs in the Sikkim section are rare. The Nathu La Pass in
Sikkim was reopened in 2006, because there is no border dispute between China and
India over this area.
It remains unclear whether this flare-up is the fault of low-level
Indian troops or a tentative strategic move made by the Indian government. Whatever
the motive, China must stick to its bottom line. It must force the Indian troops to
retreat to the Indian side by all means necessary, and China’s road construction mustn’t
be stopped.
India’s national confidence has been greatly boosted with its GDP rising
to fifth in the world. The fact that the US and West are willing to woo India to
counterbalance China has particularly added to Indians’ sense of strategic superiority.
Some Indians believe the US and Japan are building a circle to contain
China, and India has an advantage over China by choosing whether to join this circle.
Therefore, they can indulge themselves on issues including border disputes, while China
has no choice but to make concessions.
As the China-India borderline hasn’t been demarcated completely and the
two countries have a different understanding about the Line of Actual Control, troops
from both sides often stray across in some areas. However, almost all frictions are fed
to the Indian media by the Indian military which they hype time and again.
China avoids making an issue of border disputes, which has indulged
India’s unruly provocations. This time the Indian side needs to be taught the rules.
India cannot afford a showdown with China on border issues. It lags far
behind China in terms of national strength and the so-called strategic support for it from
the US is superficial. China has no desire to confront India. Maintaining friendly ties with
New Delhi is Beijing’s basic policy.
But this must be based on mutual respect. It’s not time for India to
display arrogance toward China. India’s GDP is only one-quarter of China’s and its annual
defense budget is just one-third. Having a friendly relationship and cautiously handling
border issues with China is its best choice.