Indian journalists need more protection from threats, attacks: Report


WASHINGTON, Aug. 31 (APP):Indian journalists need more protection from violence as many pay with their lives for exposing the country’s ill, according to a report by the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ).
A culture of impunity and lack of media solidarity in India leave its journalists vulnerable to threats and attacks, according to a report by the New York Times, quoting the CPJ report.
As many as “27 journalists have been murdered in India since 1992 in direct retaliation for their work, usually reporting on politics and corruption from India’s heartland,” the New York-based media watchdog said.
Titled “Dangerous pursuit’ In India, journalists who cover corruption may pay with their lives,” says that murderers of journalists are rarely punished. The Indian courts are overwhelmed with a backlog of millions of cases and it takes years to decide on it. “The prosecution is slow and historically conviction rate in murder cases is low,” the report added.
While, the report calls on politicians and police to do more to capture and convict killers that target journalists, the report pointed out that India’s powerful news outlets also fail to raise a united voice against attacks.
Failure to unite leaves the small-town journalists, working as freelancers and for local- language publications, without enough editorial supervision and financial security, the report said.
The report talked about the murder of three journalists in the last five years who were pursuing separate corruption stories involved local politicians before they were killed. There have been no conviction yet, the newspaper said quoting the report.
“Silencing my brother has meant the silencing of many stories about local problems that people face,” the report quoted Parmeshwar Rajput, a brother of Umesh Rajput, one of the slain reporters, as reported by the CPJ.