113th meeting of Permanent Indus Commission begins on Monday

113th meeting of Permanent Indus Commission begins on Monday

ISLAMABAD, Mar 19 (APP): The two-day 113th meeting of Permanent
Indus Commission (PIC) will begin here on Monday.
The agenda of the talks includes discussions on the design
aspects of Pakal Dul, Lower Kalnai and Miyar hydroelectric plants,
flood data supply by India and programme of tours of inspection and
meetings by Pakistan and India to the sites of their interest in the
Indus basin.
The meeting is taking place after almost two years as last such
meeting took place in May 2015, according to a statement issued here
The long pause occurred after the Pakistan Commissioner announced
failure of the talks after protracted discussions at Commission level
on design aspects of Kishenganga and Ratle Hydroelectric Plants that
India was constructing on Kishenganga/ Neelum River (a tributary of
Jhelum River) and Chenab River in 111th meeting of PIC in
January-February 2015.
Though India had offered to continue discussing the matters at the
Commission level, Pakistan could not afford delays in the resolution
process as construction of the two plants were continuing, said the statement.
After the two-days bilateral meeting between the Secretary Water
and Power with the Indian Secretary for Water Resources in New Delhi
on July 12-13, 2016, both the disputed matters have been referred for
third party resolution through the World Bank.
Pakistan has been pursuing the matter of regular meetings of
the Indus Water Commission with India to bring the other remaining
issues under discussion.
Despite various media statements causing speculations, Pakistan
showed restraint and kept on making efforts for resumption of Commission level talks.
The Government of Pakistan, the statement, “appreciates the decision
of the Indian government to resume the regular talks and welcomes the
Indian delegation to Islamabad.”
Pakistan, it said, believed that continuation of purposeful talks
with sincere efforts from both sides would lead to resolution of the
matters at the Commission level, in accordance with the provisions of
the Indus Waters Treaty, which had been a symbol of peaceful management of trans-boundary water resources.
Pakistan would continue its efforts for resolution of the matters
according to the provisions of the Indus Waters Treaty and “expects
that our goodwill will be reciprocated from the Indian side,” the
statement added.