Indian barbarism continuing in J&K to quash Kashmiris’ struggle: Zakria


ISLAMABAD, Feb 14 (APP): Indian barbarism was continuing unabatedly in Jammu and Kashmir (J&K), to quash struggle of Kashmiri people living in duress situation in the Occupied Kashmir.
Talking to PTV, Foreign Office Spokesman Nafees Zakria said a new wave had emerged in the Indian Occupied Kashmir for self-determination.
India had been involved in killing of hundreds of Kashmir people besides targeting the women, old men and children. Despite all human rights violation committed by India in the Occupied Kashmir, the morale of Kashmiri people was very high, he said.
He said Pakistan had raised the voice of Kashmiri people at United Nation Security Council session.
He urged the human rights institutions and other organizations to play role for the due rights of Kashmiri people struggling for independence from the Indian illegal occupation in Jammu and Kashmir.
Zakria said India was violating the United Nation charter and human rights through demographic changes being made in the Occupied Kashmir.
He said there was a need to counter the HR violations and demographic changes being made by India in Occupied Kashmir.
The Spokesman said Pakistan’s government efforts to send delegation of Parliamentarians in different countries for highlighting Kashmir issue was a good step.
He appreciated the Pakistani media for raising and highlighting the Kashmir issue in a proper manner.