Indian authorities denying Sikh yatrees to enter Pakistan


ISLAMABAD, Jun 28 (APP): More then 150 Sikhs yatrees
were waiting at the Attari station on Wednesday after the
Indian authorities, unfortunately, refused them to enter
Pakistan has arranged a special train to facilitate the
Sikh yatrees to arrive here.
Pakistan High Commission in New Delhi issued 300 visas
to Sikh yatree to visit Pakistan for observing religious
occasion of Ranjeet Singh’s death anniversary, said Foreign
Office in a press release.
It said facilitation of religious tourism was a
responsibility of the government of India and Pakistan under
bilateral agreement between the two countries.
“It is unfortunate that this has been hampered twice in
a short period this year depriving many Sikh yatrees of the
opportunity to participate in their religious festivals. We
hope that the government of India will take effective steps to
resolve the matter at the earliest,” it added.
Earlier this year, Sikh yatrees with Pakistani visas,
wishing to attend the Jor Mela, were stranded at the Atari
station due to “technical reasons” cited by Indian authorities
resulting in a large number being unable to attend their
religious festivities.
At that stage, Pakistan in an attempt to facilitate the
yatrees, also had sent a special train to India to bring the
yatrees, but it was refused by india.