Indian army,security agencies using pellet guns on peaceful protestors to crush Kashmiris freedom movement


Islamabad, October 23, (APP):In Indian occupied Kashmir, Indian army and security agencies have been using pellet guns on peaceful protestors to crush Kashmiris peaceful freedom movement.
The use of lethal force by Indian forces on protestors more than 76 civilians lost their lives, whereas 6800 have been injured, 700 are in critical condition, said a report published by International Muslim Women Union.
“ As a result of the use of pellet guns more than 250 people are now visually impaired.
These concerns have been widely shared by the international community and human rights activists including Indian based human rights groups.
India daily “The Hindu” in its editorial noted that the armed forces had been firing pellets from 12-bore guns (repeater guns). Police around the world have been trained to aim below the knee. The idea is that the pain caused by the pellets, usually made of a rubber acts as a deterrent without maiming or causing serious life inhibiting injuries.
.. Indian forces have deliberately fired bullets and pellets above the knee. Patients in hospitals provide evidence to the effect that the firing had been aimed at the head or heart of the protestors.
A division bench of Jammu and Kashmir asked the government to review the use of pellet guns which has proven to be lethal.
As per the official report prepared by Directorate of Health (Kashmir) at least 25 drivers working with the department have been thrashed by forces.
An ambulance driver Ghulam Muhamamd Sofi was shot at in Srinagar’s Safa Kadal locality who was on his way to the SMHS hospital from Kangan, managed to drive the ambulance despite a bone facture.
Six member of a family were hit by pellets in Awra village of north Kashmir’s Kupwara district by government forces in August 2016 among them were two women and one year old baby.
Pellet cartridges are loaded with iron balls numbering about 500 and one fired they disperse in huge numbers. These are not plastic quoted and they do not follow a definite path. Pellets penetrate the skin’s soft tissues, the eye being the delicate structure – is the most vulnerable to damage.
International media has expressed its concern over use of pellet guns in occupied territory.
The Guardian wrote “ India is blinding young Kashmiri protests and no one will face justice. The steel pellets used by police and troops are officially a non-lethal weapon but those wounded will live in partial or total darkness.”
Washington Post wrote “ In Kashmir Indian security forces use pellet guns that often blind protestors.”