India should not take illegal trespass as policy to realize political targets: China


BEIJING, July 18 (APP): China Tuesday said India should not take

illegal trespass of its border personnel into Chinese territory as policy to realize political targets.
“We stress that Indian side should not take the trespass as policy to
realize the political targets,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Lu Kang said during his regular press briefing here.
The China-India border standoff at the Sikkim section has entered into
second month. India has still not withdrawn troops to its territory after entering to Chinese side of border in June.
The spokesperson said the illegal trespass by Indian border troops at
Sikkim section of China-India border has captured wide attention from international community.
“Some foreign diplomats in China, feeling shocked and confounded,
reached us for facts through diplomatic channels,” he added.
“The Sikkim section of China-India boundary is mutually agreed by the
two sides. This time Indian border personnel illegally trespassed border into China territory,” he added.
Lu also stressed that the facts behind this case are clear. The Sikkim
section of the China-India boundary is demarcated, which is recognized by both China and India.
He urged India to correctly understand the situation and take measures
to withdraw troops to avoid an escalation of tension.
The spokesperson said people will reach the just conclusion, adding,
“If Indian wants to achieve its political purposes by sending military personnel across demarcated boundary, China urges India better not to do so,” he added.
Responding to a question, he said, since the illegal trespass of Indian
border personnel, many foreign diplomats in China have showed concerns over this incident.
“I have just said that since the trespassing took place, many foreign
diplomatic missions in China were shocked and found it difficult to understand. They sought the facts from China through diplomatic channels,” he added.
“The Chinese side also maintains close communication with foreign
diplomats on the issue of common interest,” he added.
When asked that China so far has been very restrained in its reaction on
the China-India boundary stand-off incident, so is China running out of patience, he said, “We have repeated our position on this trespassing incident so many times that you must be very clear about that. We keep stressing that India should get a clear understanding of the current situation, take prompt measures to withdraw its personnel who have illegally crossed the boundary back to India’s side, so as to avoid further escalation of the situation.”