APP28-31 BEIJING: October 31 - Ambassador Masood Khalid signing of an expression of solidarity with the Kashmiri people during a function to mark Black Day. APP

IBEIJING, Oct 31 (APP):): Pakistan Ambassador to China, Masood Khalid Tuesday said that India is not allowing an access to the United Nations Military Observers Group in India and Pakistan (UNMOGIP) and international media in occupied Kashmir to conceal atrocities being committed by its forces against innocent Kashmiri people.
India does not allow the UNMOGIP on its side which is mandated to report ceasefire violations on both sides of Kashmir and it is also not permitting the international media to go to the held valley and report the ongoing situation from there, he said while addressing at an event organized by Embassy of Pakistan to mark the Kashmir Black Day here.
Masood Khalid said for the past three years, India has stepped up its repression including the use of pallet guns, batons and other means of coercion to intimidate Kashmiri people in the occupied Kashmir.
Hundreds of lives have been lost while several thousands have been injured and there is an endless account of atrocities which are being committed against the Kashmiri youth on daily basis, he added.
Voicing strongly against illegal detentions of Kashmiri leaders in Occupied Kashmir, he said that Kashmiri leaders who are reasonable and prepared to sit with the concerned parties in meaningful dialogue are imprisoned by India every now and then.
“We have respected and illustrious leaders like Syed Ali Gilani who is time and again put behind bars or kept in detention whenever he talks to media about freedom rights of Kashmiri people,” he added.
Exposing India’s double standards, he said that India which calls itself largest democracy of the world is the biggest trampler of human rights, adding, “It is such a glaring hypocrisy and duplicity on part of India which cannot be justified on any count.”
He said the international community also recognizes that India’s policies are not right but due to geo political considerations, they prefer to keep quite.
Masood Khalid said that India is continuing its repression in the Occupied Kashmir while laws have been tightened by India to allow a free reign to Indian army to do whatever they want but Kashmiri youth is now fully active and they have come out on the roads to raise their voice against this policy of repression.
Expressing confidence into the struggle going on in Occupied Kashmir, he said that some point in time, the rights of Kashmiri people will be restored and their legitimate right to decide their own destiny will be upheld.
He said it is important to continue to sensitize the international opinion as to what is going on in Indian held Kashmir regardless of the difficulties and odds which are there.
As far as Pakistan is concerned, weather somebody speaks or not, Pakistan will continue to raise its voice against injustice to Kashmiri people in Occupied Kashmir, adding, “Pakistan has done it in the past and Pakistan will do it in future.”
Pakistan, he said, will continue to extend its full moral political and diplomatic support to the just cause of Kashmiri people.
“It is incumbent on us and it is our duty to raise our voice to shake the conscience of international community to sensitize them,” he added.
Terming the youth an important messengers of conveying the plight of Kashmiri people to international community, he asked them to must read and know more about Kashmir problem and make their own objective conclusions.
In her address, Principal, Pakistan Embassy College, Beijing, Mrs. Shaziz Amjad said that unfortunately, fate of Kashmiri people has not changed despite passage of seven decades.
She said that human rights violations and forceful occupation of Indian occupied Kashmir is a unique example of how some powers for their political interest are not allowing the people of Kashmir to exercise their legitimate right of freedom.
At the same time, the Kashmiri people have sent a clear message to the world that they will continue their struggle till achievement of their right of freedom, she added.
The students of the college delivered speeches and presented documentaries to highlight the plight of Kashmiri people which continues in Occupied Kashmir for the last 70 years.
The event was co-hosted by Pakistan Embassy College Beijing and was well attended by people from all walks of life.