ISLAMABAD, Feb 21 (APP):Lodging strong protest over brutal death of Shakir Ullah in Jaipur Jail, Pakistan Thursday said India must provide enhanced security to ensure safety of all Pakistanis, especially prisoners in Indian jails to ensure prevention of recurrence of such tragic and reprehensible incidents.
“Subsequent to media reports regarding the death of a Pakistani prisoner, Shakir Ullah in Jaipur Jail in India, our High Commission sought clarity in this regard from the Indian authorities on February 20, and have been informed now that Shakir Ullah sustained injuries following a ‘scuffle’ between fellow inmates in the television room in the jail, which proved fatal,” a Foreign Office statement said.
“According to some Indian media reports, he was lynched. It is incomprehensible how a ‘scuffle’ between prisoners in an established government set up was allowed to escalate to the extent that Shakir Ullah sustained fatal injuries.
“Security and safety of Pakistani inmates/prisoners in Indian jails is the responsibility of the Indian government which should have taken enhanced measures to prevent this,” the statement added.