Pakistan effectively raising ongoing brutalities in IOK, Kashmir dispute at Int’l level: FO


ISLAMABAD, Dec 15 (APP): Foreign Office Spokesperson Nafees Zakaria on Thursday strongly condemning the killing of innocent Kashmiris in Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK) said Pakistan was effectively raising the issue of ongoing brutalities in IOK and Kashmir dispute at international level.
“SAPM (Special Assistant to Prime Minister) Tariq Fatemi, who is on visit to the US and Pakistan’s ambassadors in various countries have effectively raised the issue of ongoing brutalities in the IOK and Kashmir dispute,” he told a weekly press briefing here at the Foreign Office.
He said since last week, genocide and crimes against humanity committed by Indian occupation forces in the IOK had claimed more precious lives of Kashmiris. “We strongly condemn martyrdom of innocent Kashmiris.”
The Foreign Office spokesperson said, Kashmiris’ right to freedom of expression, religious practice, and freedom of movement remained curbed under Indian oppressive measures, which was highly deplorable.
“Questions have been constantly raised by many among you
on the silence of the international community over Indian worst human rights violations in the IOK,” he said, adding, the civil society members in various regions, joined by the Members of Parliament and members of Kashmiri and Pakistani diaspora, had held numerous events to sensitize the international community on the blatant violations of human rights in IOK, availing the occasion of human rights day and on other days.
The Foreign Office spokesperson said, Rochdale Borough Council while expressing their concern over grave human rights violations, urged the UN and international human right bodies to protect, monitor and human rights in IOK.
The Council noted that the genocide committed by Indian forces in IOK was designed to curb pro freedom voices and Kashmiris’ right to self determination, enshrined in several UNSC Resolutions on Kashmir, he added.
“The Council observed that the voice of Kashmiris is challenging India and world’s conscience. The council condemned Indian Government’s statements on unilateral abrogation of the Indus Water Treaty,” Nafees Zakaria mentioned.
He said, Lord Qurban Hussain of Luton raised question on December 12 in the House of Lords, “What steps Her Majesty’s Government is taking to support the UN investigations into human rights abuses in Indian Occupied Kashmir?”
Baroness Goldie responded that the United Kingdom was concerned and supports prompt, transparent and thorough investigation and the UK also supports enabling of UN bodies to fulfill their mandates.
“She confirmed that British PM Theresa May took up the issue of Kashmir with PM Modi during her recent visit. On Human Rights Day, a large number of British Parliamentarians raised their deep concerns over Indian atrocities in IOK,” the Spokesperson said.
Responding to a question, he said the international community was deeply concerned about treatment of minorities in India.
Muslims, Dalits and Christians are especially victims of Hindu extremist and terrorist organizations such as RSS, Shiv Sena, Abhinav Bharat, etc. International community was witnessing worst human rights violations and persecution of minorities, particularly of Muslims, in India.
Quoting a report, he said in the last couple of years, more than 200 churches had been burnt down by the Hindu extremists and terrorists in India.
Nafees Zakaria said Pakistan regularly facilitated the UNMOGIP in the performance of its responsibilities. On various occasions of ceasefire violations, Pakistan had taken UNMOGIP to the affected area. Unfortunately India does not allow the same on their side.
He welcomed the call by Nobel Laureate Jose Ramos Horta on the matter and believed that it was a preliminary step in the right direction.
Regarding a question about the statement of Commander of
US and ISAF forces in Afghanistan Gen. John Nicholson, the spokesperson said Pakistan had taken firm action to root out terrorism through operation Zarb e Azb, the impact of which could be seen. He mentioned the visit of Senator John McCain who was highly appreciative of Pakistan’s successes in counter terrorism operation.
The Spokesperson also shared some of the observations with reference to the Annual Assessment Report on US operations in Afghanistan saying that out of the 98 US designated terrorist groups around the world, around 13 are in Afghanistan.
It said around 200 other members of Al Qaeda and Al Qaeda Islamic state groups were killed or captured in Afghanistan, besides five Emirs of 20 terrorist groups were killed in Afghanistan.
To a question, the Spokesperson said there was no organized presence of Daesh in Pakistan and the pronouncement of one or two random individuals of having affiliation to Daesh did not form the basis for claiming organized presence for the entity in Pakistan.