India cannot dare to cross LoC: Qadir Baloch

Provincial gov'ts responsible for maintaining law, order: Baloch

ISLAMABAD Sept 30 (APP): India cannot dare to cross Line of Control (LoC) and conduct raid within our territory as Pakistani forces are fully capable and alert to thwart any act of aggression or violation along LoC or any other border.

Minister for State and Frontier Regions (SAFRON) Lt. Gen. (Retd) Abdul Qadir Baloch said in the National Assembly here Friday while responding to a point of order.

“India is just declaring its cross LoC firing as ‘surgical strike’ for face saving. It was just a ‘fire raid’ that occasionally happens along the LoC,” the Minister said.

“In military terms the surgical strike is an action where the enemy forces cross border into any country, destroy posts and kill the personnel. But, in this case it is just across LoC firing and not the surgical strike,” he explained.

The minister said, India tried to create an impression that it had conducted surgical strike inside Pakistan but, “Its claim is totally false, baseless and unfounded.”

In this action India has also suffered casualty and it is common due to terrain that in some areas Pakistan can target their posts and in some areas they can target our posts, the Minister mentioned.

Pakistan has a well trained force that has successfully eliminated terrorism from the country and is fully alive and capable to meet defense needs of the motherland, Qadir Baloch apprised the Lower House of the Parliament.

“We are proud of our forces and it would be very difficult for India to conduct surgical strike or attack inside Pakistan.

Indian leadership should manifest sanity in issuing statements and creating war hysteria,” he added.

India’s war mongering attitude is just for provoking Pakistan but it will not be successful because Pakistan always desired peace in the region. “However, if India will impose war on us then every Pakistani will stand united and firm to defeat India’s nefarious designs”, the Minister warned.