India cannot brow beat Pakistan: Qadir Baloch

ISLAMABAD Nov 24 (APP): Minister for States and Frontier Regions (SAFRON) Abdul Qadir Baloch on Thursday said, India cannot brow beat Pakistan by cowardly acts if targeting innocent people on Pakistani side of Line of Control (LoC).

“India’s hawkish attitude is meant for ruining regional peace. We expressed restraint but it should not be taken for granted. We have reached a cut off point and if India will resort to aggression there will be a tit for tat,” the minister said in the National Assembly.

Responding to a statement by Opposition Leader Syed Khursheed Ahmed Shah in the House, the minister dispelled the impression that the government was not responding effectively to Indian aggression.

“We are fully alive to defend our country and nation and our forces are well equipped to thwart any aggression.”

India is mistaken to think that it can brow beat Pakistan. Rather the fact is that if at all India will drag Pakistan into a war India will suffer colossal losses, the minister said.

We are well aware of capability of our armed forces and weaponry. It is not a threat but a caution to keep India aware of our response if compelled to a way, he warned.

The Minister also clarified that the government had no soft corner for India. “We are an elected government and fully aware to peoples’ aspirations who have thrice elected us to this Parliament.”

He said Pakistani forces effectively responded to Indian aggression. “Killing of our people do not go unattended as they also suffer casualties. But, we cannot target civilian areas like India because firstly the people on other side of the LoC are also our Kashmiri brothers and secondly Pakistan is not cowardly like India to target civilian population.”