India asked to immediately stop bloodshed in IoK: FO


ISLAMABAD, July 6 (APP): Pakistan on Thursday urged the international
community to ask India to immediately stop the ongoing bloodshed in the Indian Occupied Kashmir (IoK).
The Foreign Office spokesperson, Nafees Zakaria, said this during the
weekly press briefing here on Thursday. He said, “We welcome the Iran’s statement on supporting the earlier resolution of Kashmir dispute.” He, however, said that terming the struggle of self-determination in the IoK as terrorist movement is completely unjustified.
While condemning the continuous shedding of blood of the defenceless
Kashmiris, the spokesperson said that the Indian Occupation Forces have
mercilessly killed 15 and seriously injured 250 Kashmiris, including children, old age people, women and journalists.
Nafees Zakaria said that the Indian forces are using ammunition
containing chemical agents and precursors to kill Kashmiri youth and destroy Kashmiris’ properties.
He said that charred bodies of Kashmiri youth were found in the debris
of five houses destroyed by the Indian forces at Bahmnoo and Kakpora in
The bodies were so extensively burnt that they were beyond visual
recognition, he added.
The spokesperson said that there were more such occurrences of crimes by
the Indian army. He said that if use of chemicals in the ammunition is confirmed, then it would constitute a serious violation of international norms and India’s International obligations under Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC). “We call upon the International Community, particularly, the relevant International Organizations to initiate investigations into these reports” he added.
Replying to a question, the spokesperson said that Pakistan is not
oblivious towards its security in the region, adding he said, Pakistan has deep concerns on India’s approach of acquiring the advanced military technology.
The international community is urged to see the possible consequences of
the imbalanced security situation of the region, he added.
Replying to another question, the spokesperson said that peace and
security in Afghanistan is in the best interest of Pakistan.
He said that Pakistan believes in Afghan-owned and Afghan-led political
solution for restoring long-lasting peace in the war-torn country. He, however, said that India is part of the problem in Afghanistan.