Inauguration ceremony of NIP interns held


ISLAMABAD, Jul 4 (APP): Inauguration ceremony marking the
beginning of internship of 60 interns associated with the Upper
House of Parliament under the National Internship Programme was held
here at the Pakistan Institute of Parliamentary Services (PIPS) on
Executive Director PIPS Zafarulllah Khan in his welcome
remarks to the interns said that the selected interns have gone
through the tests of education system of Pakistan where there is no
presence of Parliamentary or constitutional history of Pakistan in
the curriculum.
He said that the interns in Senate will get an opportunity to
see the actual working of the Parliament, said the press release issued here.
Zafarullah Khan said that Parliaments of the World have
established procedures of research and support staff for legislators
but there is no such practice in Pakistan.
He said members of Parliament in one day have to have meetings
and briefings on diverse matters of Constitution, foreign affairs,
defence, economy and many other areas for which they need expertise
in research and drafting. The interns will prove to be a useful
support in this regard while also being able to see the life in the
Parliament closely.
The inaugural ceremony was followed by a orientation session
for the interns which will continue the next day as well and will
include sessions titled, Constitution of Pakistan, how does the
Parliament work, parliamentary correspondence, time and task
management and life of a legislator.