ISLAMABAD, Oct 21 (APP):Minister of State for Climate Change, Zartaj Gull on Sunday said that prime minister Imran Khan’s vision for planting billions of trees in all parts of the country would help address the
issues of climate change.
The Pakistan Tehrik e Insaf (PTI), chief Imran Khan’s enlighten vision had galvanized the young generation particularly the children for significance of plantation across the country,
she stated while talking to a news channel.
It was an alarming situation that glaciers in Pakistan were melting at fast pace, she said.
The people had been mocking the plan of Khyber Pakhtunkhawa’s last government, when the PTI had started implementing the plan of ‘billion tree’ in the province, she said.
But, now the young children had realized the fact, and idea of Imran Khan for planting billions of trees in all parts of this country.
“Every children was feeling pleasure while planting the trees in their respective living area, ” she said.
She was of the view that young children are the backbone of this country and without their participation, no progress could be made properly.
“We don’t have the modern equipment and other related material to deal with the earthquake hazardous.
To a question she said keeping in view the climate impacts on this region, the PTI government had started drive for ‘clean and green’ Pakistan.
To another question Zartaj Gull said that we will invite the religious scholars to play their role in making this drive of plantation ‘a success’.
She said that those students who will play their role in making ‘clean and green’ Pakistan’s drive a success, they would have incentives and awards in days to come.