Imran’s claim of bankruptcy shows his enmity to Pakistan: Marriyum

Census a harbinger of socio-economic change: Marriyum

ISLAMABAD, Jan 29 (APP): Minister of State for Information,
Broadcasting and National Heritage Marriyum Aurangzeb said Sunday
that Pakistan would continue its march towards progress and
prosperity under the leadership of Prime Minister Mohammad Nawaz
She said that all the international survey reports had been declaring Pakistan a developing economic power while Imran Khan was giving a wrong impression that the country was bankrupt, which in fact
showed his enmity to it.
“If this progress is not digested by you (Imran), then you are
incurable,” Marriyum said. “One can only have pity on his mental
She said Imran Khan had made the accountably commission in
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) dysfunctional. Who would provide justice to
the KP people, she questioned.
She said Imran’s hatred for Pakistan and his unending lies were the biggest problems the country was facing right now.
She said the development works, which Imran Khan was now going
to initiate in KP, had been executed in Punjab ten years before.
The biometric system had been installed in the schools of Punjab about a decade ago while the healthcare system, on which Imran boasted of for political point scoring, was in fact a gift from Nawaz Sharif.
The minister said it was heartening that Imran Khan was emulating the programmes already launched by the Federal and Punjab governments in health, education and sports sectors.
She asked Imran Khan not to let his prejudice for Nawaz Sharif
drag him to the extent that he becomes the enemy of the country.
She questioned as to when Imran would learn valuing his
country as he was claiming that he became a cricketer while in
She predicted that Imran Khan would soon leave the country