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PESHAWAR, Nov 6 (APP): Adviser to the Prime Minister Amir Muqam Sunday alleged that Pakistan Tehrik e Insaf Chairman Imran Khan has working on a planned agenda to destabilize Pakistan.
This he said while addressing a news conference here at Peshawar Press
Club. Amir Muqam accused Imran Khan, adding, PTI agenda is to destabilize the democratic process, against development, economic prosperity of the country.
He said holding peaceful protest was the right of everyone but people
witnessed that PTI during its “Darna” attack on parliament and PTV building. He said Imran Khan was well aware of his diminishing popularity due to his wrong policies and looming defeat in 2018 general election and he would see PML N would win back in the next general election with more majorities.
He made it clear that PML N will foil every attempt sabotaging public
mandate and creating political instability in the country. “Like in the previous “Dharna”, Imran wants to create political instability and sabotage the public mandate to fulfill the agenda of the anti state elements,” he added.
He said the PTI had failed in its earlier prolonged ‘sit in’ in Islamabad and Raiwind, which was merely aimed to create instability and hinder the process of development and acceleration of economic growth, to put the country in darkness. But, he said PML N agenda is to pull out the country from prevailing crisis situations.
PML N, he said, initiated measures for development, elimination of
unemployment and overcome with the growing energy crisis. He said it was tried to foil any conspiracies against the country that could be harmful the country.
Imran Khan is becoming main player to implement the agenda of anti state elements in the country, Amir Muqam alleged. He accused that the government machinery being used to fulfillment of anti state agenda.
He said people of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and the entire country rejected the call of sit in by Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf Chairman Imran Khan whose agenda is to weaken country’s political norms besides creating hurdles in the ongoing process of development and prosperity in the country.
He said ending the PTI protest in Islamabad peacefully is the victory of
entire nation. The Adviser to Prime Minister demanded of the Speaker Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly to step down as he failed to maintain impartiality and his neutral position.
Recounting the achievements of PML N led Federal Govt, Amir Muqam said
that the security situation has much improved in KP and FATA. He further said the foreign exchange reserves had touched new heights for last couple of years, saying the international monetary institutions and financial lenders are being appreciated the economic policies of the PML N led govt.
Terming the China Pakistan Economic Corridor as (CPEC) ‘a game changer’, PML N leader said CPEC will change destination of the country and would bring further economic stability, generation of job opportunities, and end the darkness forever from the country. “Central Asian countries are also showing keen interest in the multi billion dollars CPEC,” he added.