LAHORE, Sept 4 (APP): Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah
Khan has said that mere few thousand people turned up at the PTI rally and Imran Khan led a flopped show.

Talking to APP after PTI rally on Saturday night, he said
decline in PTI’s popularity since 2013 general elections was
alarming for the PTI leadership.

“It was a pity that the party, which bagged 800,000 votes
in the general elections from Lahore some three years back,
could attract some 7000 to 8000 people only”, the provincial law minister responded.

He said the pale faces of PTI leadership at the rally
reflected the sense of loss and embarrassment at low turn-up.

Punjan Law Minister said PTI leadership should reorganise
its party rather than resorting to the politics of plunging
the country into instability.

To a question, Rana Sanaullah Khan said Lahorites
rejected PTI Chairman’s negative politics of confrontation,
adding that Imran Khan should work for the progress of the