Imran Khan has double standards regarding rule of law: Talal

PML-N to take legal action against Imran Khan: Talal

ISLAMABAD, Aug 24 (APP): PML N Member National Assembly Talal Chaudhry on Wednesday said Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf chief Imran Khan had double standards regarding rule of law and had lot of contradictions in his statements and actions.
Talking to a private news channel, he said Imran Khan
himself does not follow law of the country.
He said Imran Khan says that he believed in freedom of media but on the other side he attacked Pakistan Television (PTV) and Geo and than gave justifications for his actions.
The MNA said Election Commission of Pakistan should
establish its writ and take strict action against those who
violated the rule of law whether he was a leader or any other person.
Talal said Imran Khan had violated the rule of law during
his rally in Jhelum and Election Commission should take action against him.