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LAHORE, Jul 18 (APP):Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan claimed on Wednesday that he was constituting a team of those people who would be patriotic and work efficiently for Pakistan’s development and countrymen’s prosperity.
Addressing a public meeting during his election campaign here at Shahdara, he said he groomed up in playgrounds and it was his experience that those teams became champions and always secured victory, whose players played for the team and their country instead of their personal interests.
Recalling his first visit to Shahdara 17 years ago, he said he had no political background or hadn’t any acquaintance with old politicians, but he had found all those enthusiastic individuals who had courage and will for making a visible change. Those people, he continued, wanted such a Pakistan where foreigners came for employment instead of such a Pakistan where people queued up to get other countries visas to have jobs there. “I wanted such a changed and developed Pakistan and this was my dream and wish for which the youth has played an eminent role and made the PTI a success story,” he mentioned.
Imran Khan said those PTI workers who were not given party tickets and contesting election from other platforms or independently were damaging the PTI and their own credibility, citing that this initiative on their part would help those who had for the last 30 years been looting and plundering the country to come into power again.
He advised them to come up with a clear idea while negating their personality for the sake of a bigger objective, adding Quaid-i-Azam was his only leader as he despite suffering from cancer had continued his struggle for Pakistan otherwise.
Imran Khan added that unfortunately the past rulers, instead of getting the nation on their own feet; introducing reforms; strengthening the institutions and ensuring supremacy of the Constitution and law of the land, had bowed down to others, took heavy loans and lost their dignity and respect, and brought ignominy and shame to the Pakistani nation.
PTI Chairman said the two political parties (PPP and PML-N) had put Pakistan under heavy debt burden during last 10 years, citing that Pak rupee value against US dollar was Rs 60 but today, it surged to ever high at Rs 128.
He claimed the entire KPK development budget was Rs 110 billion and Lahore alone had been getting Rs 300 billion annually, adding people must know that out of this Rs 300 billion, how many public schools were up-gradated, how many universities had been established; how many people had been provided clean drinking water.
He alleged that when Asif Zardari of PPP had been selling Bambino Cinema’s (Karachi) tickets on black, he (Imran Khan) was earning huge money in England by playing cricket, claiming that he (Imran) brought all his earnings to his own country, but Asif Zardari and Nawaz Sharif evacuated all their looted public money that accounted into billions to foreign countries.
He claimed that PML-N had always been used to rig the general election by filling in the ballot boxes with fake votes, and “Today, I am glad to hear from Shehbaz Sharif that they will not allow any rigging in the upcoming general election.”
Imran Khan said the upcoming general election would be a great opportunity for the people to get rid of those who had been looting and plundering the country’s resourses and public money for the last 30 years.
The past rulers, who once belonged to Gawal Mandi area of Lahore, had now become billionairs and even their children and grand children had become billionairs, while the people were getting from poorer to poorest, he maintained.