Imran is morally, financially corrupt: Hanif Abbasi

ISLAMABAD July 11 (APP): Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz Leader
Hanif Abbasi Tuesday said Imran Khan is morally and financially
corrupt and his corrupt practices would result in ban on his party.
Talking to media, he said money is weakness of
Imran and he can grab money from anywhere, no matter it is any mafia
or tax evaders or corrupt elements.
“Can Imran reply how could he afford the expenses to study at Oxford
University. He does not have money trail even for his Banni gala residence.”
He said Imran even could not provide proof for foreign funding
received by his party.
“This nation wants your trial and seek answer as to from where you get
money to pay for air travelling in private planes.”
Abbasi said Imran Khan is also not ready to produce record of
his party funds before the Election Commission as he also questioned
the source of income and life style of the PTI chief. “Does your life style reflect that you just pay Rs150,000 annual income tax?”
He said there is nothing more in JIT boxes than hypothesis as
the Team had failed to gather any concrete evidence against the
prime minister or his family. The JIT had affiliation with all those
political parties who are playing up its report.
He said Nawaz Sharif and his family have been doing business
over the decades while Imran Khan has been thriving on charity money
collected in the name of a public welfare project.
“You are conspiring against democracy and people of Pakistan
and your conspiracy has links with Jewish lobby and anti-Pakistan
forces. But, Nawaz Sharif is executing public welfare projects for
socio-economic uplift of people,” Abbasi said.
He reiterated that despite all odds Prime Minister Nawaz
Sharif would continue steering forward with an agenda of
constructing motorways, China Pakistan Economic Corridor, power
projects and health, education and young promotion schemes.
“Imran cannot understand problems of people. He is an opponent
to progress and playing with emotions of innocent people just to
become prime minister of this country. But, people are well aware as
to who can address their problems,” he added.