Imran involves in foreign funding accounts corruption


ISLAMABAD, July 10 (APP): Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf
founding member Akbar S Baber asserted Monday that PTI
Chief Imran Khan should be held accountable for
corruption in foreign funded accounts that belong to
Saudi Arabia and Middle East.
Talking to media, he said that PTI’s stance and
fake statements regarding corruption cases were meant to
harm the structure of the Election Commission of
Pakistan (ECP).
In the petition filed against PTI Chief, Akbar
Babar accused Imran Khan of being escaped from court on
excuses while, on the other, he blames Prime Minister
Nawaz Sharif and his family for corruption.
He said today PTI has challenged the Election
Commission’s jurisdiction adding he said that he will
bring all the proofs in front of ECP.
He said Imran Khan was expected to present his
reply to the Supreme Court but instead he has diverted
the court`s attention towards other judicial cases and
He said that PTI has been given another chance to
present its reply till July 19 and the final decision
would be given on August 16.
He added that Imran Khan and his party always
violated the decisions of the court.
He said that PTI is doing politics of lies and
hypocrisy and termed PTI as `chanda mafia’.
Akbar also rejected Imran Khan’s fake claims for
the change to bring in Pakistan and said that the
corruption case has become a battle for the power and
the Panamagate case is also part of this power game.
He said that all the actions of the Imran Khan were
leading the country towards unrest so he has to present
himself in front of the court and would give details of
the millions of the rupees corruption.