Imran, cronies permanent threat to democracy: Saad


ISLAMABAD Jan 26 (APP): Minister for Railways Khawaja Saad Rafique on Thursday said ‘Imran Khan and his cronies’ were a permanent threat to democracy and democratic system in the country.
“They attacked state television and the Parliament, and blocked the passage of judges during the sit-in. Today they again trampled all democratic norms. They have no love for the House and democracy rather they are promoting a culture of disrespect, abusive language and fracas in the House,” he said while referring the pandemonium by PTI members in the House.
Speaking on a point of order in the National Assembly, he said the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) leadership were adulterated with all ‘religious sins’ and they shamelessly abused and insulted all other national leaders.
“If someone wants to see the real face of PTI, it can be seen on social media where every post of the PTI leaders and workers is laced with abuses and insulting remarks.”
He said what happened in the House was not spontaneous rather pre-planned as hurling allegations and insulting others had become their habit. “They themselves do not enjoy any respect and treat others in the same manner.”
Saad Rafique said the pigmies and liars of Imran Khan’s kingdom even did not have any respect in the eyes of their leader and it was evident from the way they were treated by their leader.
“But, our leader Nawaz Sharif is honest and truthful. He hates
back biting and we as his followers always believed in constructive struggle. We are not the liars like Shah Mahmood Qureshi,” he added.
Khawaja Saad Rafique said it was not difficult to reply to the PTI in the same tone but “we and our party believes in argument and bearing with others. We believe in constructive opposition, and hate vulgarity and indecency.”
He said Imran Khan desired to tax the remittances of expatriate Pakistanis. Therefore, overseas Pakistanis must understand that he was not only their enemy but also an enemy of national economy.
He said, “Imran had eralier blamed us of money laundering and setting up offshore companies. But, today everybody knows that his claim of money laundering is false and he himself owns an offshore company.”
“Imran is suffering from diseases like hatred, jealousy and vendetta, and his diseases have become incurable. He spoke against the judges, whom he used to praise once, when they retired from service,” he added.
He said after elected twice to this House, Imran Khan did not even know a couple of articles of constitution or rules of business.
He demanded the Speaker to take action against what happened in the House because the attitude of PTI members breached the privilege of the House. Their real face should be exposed to the people.
Saad Rafique said Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif did not make any false statement. His statement in the House was general and the one filed in the Supreme Court was an elaborate statement in the same context but with more arguments that addressed all points as required under the law.