Imran creating anarchy; JIT report can be contested in SC: Rana Sanaullah

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ISLAMABAD July 06 (APP): Punjab Law Minster Rana Sanaullah on Thursday said PTI Chief Imran Khan is dragging country towards anarchy and conspiring against the government and the system.
Speaking in a private news channel program, Sanaullah said, the nation would reject any ‘dharna’ (sit-in) effort by Imran Khan as it rejected his previous attempt when only 700 people could reach Bani Gala.
“He himself is involved in foreign funding and is reluctant to submit its details because this funding has links with enemies of Pakistan.”
He said the game Imran Khan playing is a Part-II of Dharna-I and Javed Hashmi has stated in detail about sponsors of Dharna-I in his statements.
When asked about those sponsors, the minister said, Javed Hashmi had clearly stated about it and demanded to summon him and Imran Khan before the Supreme Court and let him, or Imran state on oath about the facts what the PTI Chief had discussed with the then senior leadership of the party, including Javed Hashmi.
Answering a question about JIT proceedings, the minister said, JIT could not be deemed as Supreme Court and its report could be
contested in the court.
“If its report would be based on evidence it would be acceptable to everybody. But, an engineered report would be contested.”
He said the JIT was working under the ambit of Supreme Court
but it did not enjoy constitutional sanctity like Supreme Court.
The Supreme Court could reject or accept the JIT report.
He said the JIT could not take extension and its report should
be final. However, he contested that it had done nothing more than
to threaten the witness.
The JIT, either had to accept the
evidence provided by the Sharif family members or reject that
evidence with counter evidence. And if the JIT does not go to
London, Panama and Jeddah to testify the evidence, then on what
grounds it would reject the evidence provided by Sharif family.”
“Therefore, we reserve the right to object the JIT report,”
he stated.
He said if our evidence is not denied with a counter
evidence, then how can we agree with its report. “I question that
from where JIT has collected evidence to negate the proofs
presented before it by Hussain Nawaz about Mayfair flats, if it
does not get evidence from London.”
Rana Sanaullah said, if our objections carry weight,
we are confident that Supreme Court would accept them.
He said nobody could be disqualified on the report of JIT and it
never happened anywhere in the legal history of any country.
“And if any disqualification is to be done on the basis of statements,
then there would be many more to be disqualified.”
Furthermore, he stated, if JIT stated that the evidence was
insufficient, even then nobody could be convicted on the basis of its
report. Instead a case or reference could be sent to NAB for
He said the Hudabiya Paper Mills case had met its natural
fate and there was no evidence against Shehbaz Sharif in that case.