Imran be disqualified under Articles 62, 63: Gulalai

ISLAMABAD, Aug 1 (APP): PTI’s Member of the National Assembly
Ayesha Gulalai on Tuesday accused Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI)
chief Imran Khan of moral turpitude and sought his disqualification under Articles 62 & 63 of the Constitution.
He had no respect for women, whose honour was not safe at his
hands and those surrounding him, she alleged while addressing a
press conference here at the National Press Club.
“Besides being morally corrupt, Imran is dishonest and this
fact should be considered by the apex court during the proceedings of
a case seeking the PTI leader’s disqualification,” she said.
Regarding her future political strategy, she said she would not join
the PML-N. “I will only say that you can make all sorts of allegations against Nawaz Sharif, but he will never be accused of jeopardizing the honour of our mothers, sisters and daughters,” she added.
She said Imran Khan should be disqualified as such a person was not
eligible to run the country. “The allegations of my opponents on me for leaving party over issue of ticket are totally illogical,” she said and claimed that something had happened with me for which I was leaving the party at the time when other people were joining it.
“I am not concerned about party ticket or NA-1 seat, it is an
illogical allegation,” she maintained.
She said Imran Khan was used to apprise in meetings as how to attack
opponents and besmirch their names. “Meetings were full of mudslinging which stopped her to attend them,” the PTI MNA added.
She alleged Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervaiz Khattak
for distributing jobs illegally among his relatives. “I visited
Imran Khan with a delegation of workers, not to secure a party
ticket, but to provide evidence of corruption in various schemes in
the province but he did not listen to us,” she added.
Ayesha Gulalai termed Imran Khan as fake Pathan and alleged
that Imran’s kitchen was being run by Jehangir Tareen who was awarded
contracts in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
She also alleged son of Pervaiz Khattak for getting bribe
money in postings and transfer affairs.
She said embezzlement had been made in Bank of Khyber
while Ehtesab Commission was also closed by PTI when it started
investigation against the chief minister over corruption charges.
Imran Khan considered himself as very smart and others as dumb,
like a herd of sheep, but Pakhtun people would not forgive him, she
“Imran Khan himself stays in his Bani Gala residence during
sit-in days, but the common party worker faced tear gas shelling and
police’s baton-charging,” she added.
Ayesha Gulalai said she had been the member of PPPP
before joining PTI and Benazir Bhutto gave her tickets for MNA and
MPA on the basis of her talent and potential.
“I was shocked when I heard the words that Imran Khan used for
slain PPP leader Benazir Bhutto,” she added.
The former female lawmaker said Imran wanted to introduce
western culture.
Ms. Gulalai asserted that she was not the only one facing such
situation, but many other women in the party were also facing the same behaviour.
She said MNA Shireen Mazari had issues with her whenever she
tried to speak about foreign policy in the National Assembly.
Perhaps Shireen Mazari thought that she had the only right to
speak about foreign policy, she added.