Immigration deportation drops under Trump, but could pick up pace in coming months

WASHINGTON, Aug 9 (APP): While the Trump administration is seen coming
hard on issues of immigration, deportation of illegal aliens has actually dropped when
compared with those during the Obama administration, latest data from US Immigration
and Custom Enforcement showed.
According to the latest figures 84,473 people were removed between
February 1, to June 30, a rate of roughly 16,900 people per month.
In the fiscal 2016, the US immigration officials deported 240,255
people, more than 20,000 people per month.
The deportation touched its peak in 2012, when the Obama administration
had deported 34,000 people per month for being illegal residents.
Among other reasons of slow removal rate is the fact that immigration
courts are overwhelmed with cases and currently there is a backlog of more than
610,000 cases, a report by Politico online magazine said quoting the data from the
Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse at Syracuse University.
But, immigration-related removal could gain pace in coming months as the
Department of Justice has announced it had hired dozens of immigration judges.
In the fiscal year 2018, the Justice Department has sought appointment
of 75 additional judges to help clear the backlog.
While the deportations have dropped, the arrest of illegal immigrants
and the number of removal orders have soared since President Trump took over on
January 20. Issues relating to immigration were high on President Trump’s electoral
Soon after taking over, he tried to impose a ban on citizens from seven
Muslim countries from entering the United States.
After months of legal battle against the move, the Supreme Court in June
allowed the implementation of the President Trump’s executive order but with provisions
that made it less effective.
President Trump also broadened the scope of people who could be
deported, including even those with traffic violation.
During the Obama administration, mostly those charged with serious
felonies were deported. As a result of broadening the scope, immigration arrests rose by
38 percent during the first 100 days of the Trump administration.
Soon after being sworn in, Trump signed an order greatly broadening the
universe of people who could be targeted for deportation.
In the next 100 days, immigration arrests rose by nearly 38 percent
compared with the same period a year earlier. But, an arrest does not necessarily mean
removal as there are other factors which have slowed the removal rate.
But, President Trump’s hardline immigration policies have definitely
worked when it comes to illegal crossing on the US-Mexico border, which has dropped