IHC allows Indian woman to go back to her native country


ISLAMABAD, May 24 (APP): The Islamabad Court (IHC) on Wednesday
allowed Indian national Uzma to go back to her native country
through Wagah border under fool-proof security.
Justice Mohsin Akhtar Kayani of the IHC also issued the directive
to hand over the original immigration forms, which her husband Tahir
had submitted in compliance with the court orders, to Uzma.
Uzma, who appeared in person in the court, apprised that she
was forced to marry Tahir Ali on gunpoint. When Justice Kayani asked
her if she wanted to meet Tahir in his chambers, she refused saying
she did not want to talk to him.
Tahir informed the court that he and Uzma, a resident of New
Delhi, fell in love when they were in Malaysia. She travelled to
Pakistan on May 01 via the Wagah border and got married to him on
May 3.
Soon after the hearing, Uzma left the court for the Indian
High Commission, where she is currently staying.
Both Uzma and Tahir had filed petitions in the IHC. Dr Uzma
had sought the court’s intervention to arrange for her departure to
India under security while Tahir had requested the court to stop
her wife from leaving Pakistan, besides a meeting with her.
Earlier, Uzma’s counsel Malik Shahnawaz Noon submitted a
medical report of her five-year old daughter Falak claiming that
she was a patient of Thalassemia and needed to get changed her blood
on daily basis. He requested the court to direct the authorities let
Uzma go back to her native country under security via the Wagah border.