APP102-25 ISLAMABAD: January 25 - Finance Minister Senator Mohammad Ishaq Dar chairing a meeting on IFC and Pakistan Development Fund. APP

ISLAMABAD, Jan 25 (APP): Finance Minister, Senator Mohammad Ishaq Dar Wednesday proposed International Finance Corporation (IFC) to work with the government for establishing a new institution in Pakistan to mobilize long-term financing needs for infrastructure projects through private sector.
During a meeting with IFC delegation here, the minister said that the majority of equity for the proposed new institution may be provided by IFC and other International Financial Institutions (IFI) and Multilateral organizations, while the government may be a minority shareholder.
The IFC delegation, led by Nadeem Siddiqui, Country Manager for IFC in Pakistan, attended the meeting on the invitation of the finance minister to discuss IFC’s portfolio and infrastructure projects in Pakistan.
Dar said that the proposed institution shall be a private sector led financing platform, supporting development across key sectors in the form of Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) or other types of private investments in infrastructure.
The Finance Minister appreciated the briefing given by Siddiqui regarding IFC’s current portfolio and future investment opportunities being explored in Pakistan by IFC.
The Minister said that the government welcomes all opportunities to partner and collaborate with IFIs and Multilateral organizations for the development and betterment of the country.
He highlighted that the present government has already implemented numerous infrastructure projects in various fields during the past three and a half years, and is actively working on the implementation of further infrastructure projects.
He said that increased private sector investment in infrastructure projects will further assist in addressing the development needs of the country and generating higher GDP growth.
Siddiqui welcomed the finance minister’s proposal to establish a new institution focused on catalyzing private sector financing and investment in infrastructure projects.
He expressed keen interest, on behalf of IFC, to work with the government of Pakistan to establish the proposed new institution and for IFC to provide equity funding for the institution.
He said that the IFC will, in due course, submit a detailing working on the new institution, with a clear action plan going forward, for the Finance Minister’s consideration, in order to establish the new institution in a timely and orderly manner.
The meeting was attended by senior officials of the Ministry of Finance and IFC.