ICCI asks govt to resolve Qatar, Gulf countries standoff


ISLAMABAD, June 12 (APP): Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI) Monday called upon the government to play mediatory role in ending the current standoff between Qatar and Gulf countries.
President ICCI Khalid Iqbal Malik said the whole Muslim Umma was disturbed over the brewing tensions in the Gulf region involving the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Qatar, a statement said.
He said Pakistan has good relations with Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE and other gulf countries and it should play positive role to end the current standoff between Qatar and other gulf countries through dialogue.
He said millions of Pakistanis were working in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar and other gulf countries, but due to drop in oil market, gulf countries were already facing macro-economic instability.
He was afraid that if the current tense situation continued, it would further weaken the economies of these countries and more people would lose jobs in the gulf market.
He said Pakistan should approach the Gulf countries with the request to show restraint and resolve their differences through negotiations.
He stressed it was high time that government of Pakistan should take concrete steps towards forging unity amongst the Muslim Ummah.
He was hopeful that if sincere efforts were made by Pakistan and other Muslim countries, they would help in resolving the diplomatic crisis engulfing the Middle East in a peaceful manner and without causing much damage to their economies.