Huge Spirit, devotion being observed amongst people on departure of former PM Nawaz Sharif

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ISLAMABAD, Aug 9 (APP): Deputy Speaker , National Assembly of Pakistan
Murtaza Javed Abbasi said on Wednesday that today we have witnessed great
devotion and spirit amongst the people of the country on the occasion of the
departure of the former PM Nawaz Sharif’s departure from Islamabad to Lahore.
Talking to PTV news , he said that the same spirits of welcoming a
great leader were observed on the occasion of the establishment of Pakistan seventy years ago.
He said that Nawaz Sharif is also intended to visit the KP coming days
which would be the last day for the opposition to their government as he is very likable personality to the tribal people.
Further,he added that we would be adopted the constitutional ways to
challenge the verdict and we had not accepted the decision as it is part of the conspiracy.