Horse carriages (Buggies) trend on wedding ceremonies back in vogue


ISLAMABAD, Dec 28 (APP): The cultural trend of riding horse carriages swiftly turning to be a status symbol for residents in wedding ceremonies of the twin cities-Islamabad and Rawalpindi is sharply gaining popularity.

“The old culture of using horse carriages is reviving and the decorated horse carriages is attracting people in large number, as the wedding season continues, bridegrooms tend to use the buggies to have big fun and joys”, Shahid Akram, a retired professor observed.

Decorated “buggies” are seen at committee chowk and different places of Rawalpindi, there was a time when buggies would be used in wedding ceremonies by those who could not afford to hire cars but now the trend has become a fashion for each family irrespective of financial position as it being a part of our old culture also gives a fascinating touch to the wedding for life time memory”, Zeeshan, a resident  said.

Adil Shah a wedding hall owner at Rawalpindi said “This past tradition becoming a fast trend in vogue, mostly people hire decorated buggies rather than decorated cars.”

Rashid Khan a groom said “ My family is very much interested to hire a buggy on my wedding day especially my sister as I am the only brother of her she wants to see me on decorated buggy on my wedding day.”

Ayesha Khalid a bride said “ I like buggies more comparatively to decorated cars, I want my groom to sit on buggy as he would look like a king.”

Talking to APP Khayam Ali a “buggy wala” at Rawalpindi said “ I charge around Rs 8000 for “barat function” (Wedding ceremony) as embellishment work has been done on the buggy.”